TOP 9 Best Badminton Rackets 2024

Badminton Rackets come in a variety of materials like carbon fiber, graphite, and aluminum with varying prices and weights. 

The best badminton rackets are those that fulfill your needs and come under budget without breaking the bank. But choosing among so many brands, shapes, types, and categories becomes overwhelming especially if you are just starting out. 

If you don’t have time to research, buy our tested and recommended Yonex Astro 99 Play, which comes with a fairly reasonable price, flex, and graphite material. But, if you are a pro, looking for a professional-level racket, Victor Thruster F C Badminton Racket is the racket our advanced players like the most because of lightweight graphite + PYROFIL shaft. 

Best Badminton Rackets

But, do you know what is on the list of our top Badminton Rackets, researched and tested for hours before getting a spot in here? Let’s find out the best of industry-leading Badminton Rackets that can be your go-to gear in the very next game.

Best Badminton Rackets Professionals Recommend

1. Yonex Astrox 99 Play Badminton Racket: Best Overall For Beginners



  • Weight: 4U (80-84g)
  • String Tension: 20-28 lbs
  • Flex: Medium (Stiff)
  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Balance: 310 mm
  • Grip Size: G5

The Yonex Astrox 99 Play Badminton Racket is a sporting equipment designed to upgrade the game of badminton. The Racket delivers a perfect balance of power and control for smashes and accurate shots with remarkable ease. Despite its robust construction, the racket is exceptional in providing maneuverability. Yonex Astrox 99 has Namd technology that enhances the racket’s power and provides players with the ability to launch rapid and decisive attacks.

Its advanced technology, solid construction, and attractive design make it ideal for those aiming to improve their skills and achieve peak performance on the court. 

This racket is also budget-friendly and rather affordable than most rackets in this series.

  • Good balance
  • Decent Power
  • Remarkable smash
  • Perfect for beginners and recreational players

  • Slightly stiffer than others in this series
  • Not suitable for speed lovers

Who should buy it?

If you are a beginner looking to upgrade your equipment, the Yonex Astrox 99 Play badminton racket is a great option. For players who prioritize powerful, aggressive gameplay and seek a racket that can facilitate explosive smashes and precise control, this racket has everything you need.

2. Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racket: Durable And Lightweight



  • Weight: 5U (75g)
  • String Tension: 30 lbs
  • Flex: Medium
  • Shaft: HM Graphite
  • Balance: 300 mm
  • Grip Size: G4

The Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet is an awesome choice if you love speed and quick moves on the court. This racket is lightweight, it lets you swing around effortlessly and respond swiftly to your opponent’s shots. This is made from durable graphite and is tough and sturdy.

Players can trust it to hold up well in those intense badminton matches because it is rather reliable. Perfect for beginners and those in the intermediate stage, this racquet is easy to handle and lets you focus on improving your skills and just enjoying the game. If you’re just starting or aiming to up your game, this racket will benefit you a great deal.

  • Beginner friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly

  • May compromise on power and speed

Who should buy it? 

The Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet is well-suited for beginners. It is a lightweight design and easy to handle which allows beginners to move quickly on the court and respond to shots with ease. If you’re just starting out in badminton and looking for a racquet that promotes easy handling, agility, and durability, the Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet is a suitable choice.

3. Yonex Nanoflare 700 Badminton Racket: Best For Speed Lovers Beginners



  • Weight: 5U (78g)
  • String Tension: 19-27 lbs
  • Flex: Medium
  • Shaft: Graphite+M40X
  • Balance: 285 mm
  • Grip Size: G5

Yonex Nanoflare 700 badminton racquet is an exceptionally lightweight racket that is rather easy to maneuver with due to its head-heavy nature. It is a  racquet that will provide you with speed and is also a great choice for defensive play. This racket moves extraordinarily quickly which is great if you are a defensive player. 

It also offers a large sweet spot which is helpful in providing you with a good-quality shot when you strike the shuttle on the racquet’s face. Although with this racket it is somewhat difficult to generate the needed power if you are a player who prefers speed over power then the Yonex Nanoflare 700 badminton racket is the right choice.

  • Perfect for fast games
  • Quick reflexes
  • Lightweight

  • Less power
  • Very expensive

Who Should Buy It?

Yonex Nanoflare 700 badminton racket is a racket that is most suitable for amateur and beginner players. Due to its lightweight, this racket is easy to control and swings easily. It also provides a good amount of shuttle control. Although this racket compromises a bit on power it provides wonderful speed and also benefits in defensive play.

4. Li-Ning G-Force Superlite 3600 Badminton Racket: For Advanced Beginners And Low Intermediate Players



  • Weight: 6U (78g)
  • String Tension: 30-32 lbs
  • Flex: Medium
  • Shaft: Carbon Fiber
  • Balance: 300 mm
  • Grip Size: G2

The Li-Ning G-Force Superlite 3600 badminton racket has an innovative design that serves as a powerful and versatile tool to boost your game on the court. The racket has an Aerotec-Beam System technology that helps in promoting rapid, powerful swings while maintaining stability, and control. 

It is a lightweight racket that facilitates swift maneuverability and effortless handling of the racket on the badminton court. The high tension in this racket will help you generate more power in your swings. With this racket, you can both play offensive and defensive without compromising on power and precision.

  • Advanced technology
  • Perfect speed
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to maneuver

  • Less power
  • Average control and balance

Who should buy it? 

The Li-Ning G-force Superlite 3600 badminton racket is designed for players looking for fast and quick decisive play. This racket is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate players due to its lightweight and ability to maneuver swiftly. 

If you are a beginner looking for a lightweight racket that is also able to produce power then this is your option. If you are an intermediate player seeking quick decisive shots, you know which racket to choose.

5. Yonex Arcsaber 11 Play Badminton Racket: Best for Intermediate And Advanced Players



  • Weight: 4U (83g)
  • String Tension: 19-27 lbs
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft: HM Graphite
  • Balance: 303 mm
  • Grip Size: G5, 5

The Yonex Arcsaber 11 Play is an excellent choice for players who don’t have a distinctive playing style. Despite possessing a balanced nature, it excels in close-net battles and serves as a reliable weapon for players. This racket offers a perfect balance that allows players to exert attacking power and apply pressure on opponents. 

Arcsaber 11 Play ensures good accuracy in shots. Even if you are a low intermediate player who lacks the sharpest technique or stroking power, this racket will still serve you well. It features a square/isometric head shape and is a purposeful choice for many.

Yonex Arcsaber also offers a sweet spot area that provides players with added assistance in hitting the shuttle exactly where it matters during gameplay.

  • Best for all skill-level players
  • Offers reliance, power, and control at the same time
  • Reasonably Priced

  • Looks Fragile

Who should buy it? 

The Yonex Arcsaber11 is one of the best rackets for intermediate players. This racket has a medium stiffness that is not only good for intermediate players but also provides them with even balance. Besides that, this racket delivers commendable power, and if your hitting is on point and you are well-trained then you can master hitting smash with precision.

6. Yonex Astrox 77 Play Badminton Racket: Best for Upper Intermediate Players



  • Weight: 4U (83g)
  • String Tension: 28 lbs
  • Flex: Medium (Stiff)
  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Balance: 295 mm
  • Grip Size: G4 and G5

The Yonex Astrox 77 badminton racket is a high-quality and cutting-edge racket designed to offer players exceptional power and speed.  

The Yonex Astrox 77 offers a range of advanced technologies that boost power, control and smashes. This racket features the Rotational Generator System, which clears the weight distribution throughout the frame to improve both power and speed. 

With a medium flex, the racket also offers a blend of stability and responsiveness which allows players to exercise control over their shots without sacrificing harnessing the racket’s power potential.

  • Perfect for intermediate players
  • Remarkable balance
  • An all-rounder
  • Affordable

  • Less durable
  • Slightly less powerful

Who Should Buy It?

The Yonex Astrox 77 badminton racket is an ideal choice for advanced beginner and low-intermediate players seeking a high-performance racket that seamlessly combines power, speed, and control. 

This racket does not disappoint you on the court and helps players smash precise shots with maximum control and power. 

Although a little less powerful than Astrox 99 this racket may not be able to provide you with a heavy smash, but it is still powerful enough and an easy-to-play racket.

7. Victor Thruster F C Badminton Racket: Best For Advanced Players



  • Weight: 4U (87g)
  • String Tension: 20-31 lbs
  • Flex: Medium
  • Shaft: Graphite + PYROFIL
  • Balance: 290 mm
  • Grip Size: G5

The Victor Thruster F C Badminton Racket serves as an outstanding choice for players who prioritize a combination of power, speed, and control in their gameplay. It has a versatile design that caters to both aggressive players and those who prefer a well-balanced playstyle.

One notable feature of this racket is its head-heavy balance which is strategically designed to deliver powerful shots. This particular design equips players with an important advantage during crucial moments on the court. The Victor Thruster F C Badminton Racket is not only a powerful racket but is crafted with longevity in mind. 

It is made from high-quality materials that ensure both durability and high performance. This racket is a trustworthy companion that is capable of withstanding intense games and serving players well over an extended period.

  • Top-notch performance
  • Professionals favorite
  • Perfect for advanced players
  • Extra balance and power
  • Lightweight
  • High-performance

  • Very expensive

Who should buy it? 

The Victor Thruster F C Badminton Racket is a great choice for advanced players who want a powerful and precise racket. Its design focuses more on giving you control, speed, and a strong hit. If you are an advanced level player and you’ve mastered your badminton skills, and need top-notch equipment, this racket could be a good fit for you. 

The head-heavy balance adds extra power, making it a versatile choice for advanced players who want a racket that suits their playing style. Consider the Victor Thruster F C if you’re an advanced player looking for a high-performance racket.

8. Yonex Nanoflare 1000 Z 4U Badminton Racket: All-Rounder



  • Weight: 4U (83g)
  • String Tension: 20-28 lbs
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft: HM Graphite
  • Balance: 310 mm
  • Grip Size: G5,6

The Yonex Nanoflare 1000 Z Badminton Racket is a real game-changer, specially designed for players who love speed, control, and being in charge of the game’s pace. It’s perfect if you thrive and love to stand out in fast matches. This racket has a head-light balance which benefits players in making swings and reactions quick. 

This racket is not just about being fast, it also provides a significant balance that further aids with precision, giving you an advantage in those intense, close rallies.

What’s impressive is that the Yonex Nanoflare 1000 Z is built to last. 

It’s crafted from high-quality materials which ensures that it stays durable and performs well over time. So, if you’re into quick and precise gameplay, this racket might be the perfect fit for you.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Perfect speed
  • Evenly balanced
  • Lightweight
  • Great control

  • Very expensive
  • Extremely stiff
  • Only suitable for advanced and professional players

Who should buy it? 

The Yonex Nanoflare 1000 Z 4U Badminton Racket is great for advanced players who want top-notch performance. Its design focuses on speed, easy maneuvering, and control, making it perfect for players who are really good at the game. 

The racket’s head-light balance allows for quick and precise movements, which is exactly what advanced players need for their agile and controlled style of play. If you’re an advanced player and want a racket that’s fast and gives you great control, the Yonex Nanoflare 1000 Z 4U is a solid choice.

9. Yonex Astrox 99 Pro Badminton Racket: Best For Aggressive Advanced Players



  • Weight: 4U (84g)
  • String Tension: 20-28 lbs
  • Flex: Extra Stiff
  • Shaft: HM Graphite/NAMD
  • Balance: 325 mm
  • Grip Size: G5

.The Yonex Astrox 99 Pro Badminton Racket is an amazing choice if you love taking charge in your games with a perfect blend of power and control. It’s a perfect match for aggressive players and those who’ve reached an advanced level and enjoy a bold playing style. What sets this racket apart is its head-heavy balance. It is a crucial feature for delivering those strong shots and smashes. 

The weight distribution towards the head of the racket gives you that extra force needed for game-changing plays. Yet, it’s not just about power, the Astrox 99 Pro is designed for lasting performance. 

It is made from top-notch materials, and it ensures durability, standing up to the demands of intense matches and rigorous practice sessions. So, if you aim to dominate the court with a combination of power and control, the Yonex Astrox 99 Pro is a fantastic option.

  • A very strong racket
  • Highly durable
  • Extremely powerful
  • Controlled balance
  • Perfect for aggressive play style

  • Not budget friendly
  • More on the stiffer side

Who should buy it? 

The Yonex Astrox 99 Pro Badminton Racket is perfect for advanced players who prefer strong and assertive yet aggressive gameplay. Its head-heavy balance makes it stand out, which gives advanced players the push they need for powerful shots and impactful smashes that match their aggressive playing style. 

And it’s not just about power, this racket makes sure it stays strong and performs well over time. So, if you’re an advanced player and want a racket that’s powerful, easy to control, and lasts long even during intense matches and practices, the Yonex Astrox 99 Pro is a solid pick.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Right Badminton Racket 

When choosing the best badminton racket for your game, it’s important to consider the following key factors:


Badminton rackets are commonly made from materials like graphite, carbon fiber, or a combination of both. Graphite rackets are known for their lightweight and maneuverability. These rackets are a popular choice among players who prefer speed and agility. 

On the other hand, carbon fiber rackets are made to deliver superior strength and stiffness. These rackets are preferred by players who want to maximize their power and control. Rackets that use both materials give you a bit of everything, speed, power, and control, making them a solid all-around choice.


The weight of a badminton racket can have an important influence on your game. For instance, lighter rackets are easier to maneuver and allow for quick, agile movements. These rackets are ideal for players who favor speed and precision. 

Heavier rackets, on the other hand, provide you with more stability and power and are a good choice for players who want to generate strong, attacking shots. 

When you choose a racket, it is crucial to look for the right balance of weight that not only suits your playing style but also your physical ability.


The balance of a badminton racket refers to the distribution of weight along its length. Rackets have variations when it comes to balance. They can be head-light, head-heavy, or even balanced. Head-light rackets offer excellent maneuverability and control and are ideal for defensive players who depend on quick reactions and precise shots. 

Head-heavy rackets, on the other hand, provide more power and stability, making them suitable for players who want to dominate the game with aggressive attacking play. Lastly, even-balanced rackets offer a compromise between speed and power and provide versatility for a wide range of playing styles.

String Tension: 

The tension of the strings in a badminton racket can have a significant impact on its performance. Higher string tension will result in increased power and control which allows players for precise shots and aggressive smashes. 

Lower String Tension, on the other hand, offers players more flexibility and a larger sweet spot and makes it easier to generate speed and spin. When selecting a racket, it is necessary to consider the string tension that best suits your playing style and skill level.

Grip Size:

The grip size of a badminton racket is important for comfort and control during play. Rackets come in different grip sizes, ranging from G2 to G5. The larger the number, the smaller the grip size. Choosing the right grip size is important to make sure that you have a comfortable and secure hold on the racket which will further help you in providing better control and shot accuracy.

What are the best badminton racket brands? 

The best badminton racket brands are Yonex, Victor, Li-Ning, Babolat, and Carlton. Most players prefer these brands because they make high-quality rackets that work well for different playing styles and skill levels. The one that’s best for you depends on what you like, how you play, and how much experience you have.

Best badminton players and what brands do they use? 

Here are the top best badminton players and the racket brands they use: 

  • Kento Momota: Yonex ( Yonex Astrox 99 Pro) 
  • Srikanth Kidambi: Li-Ning ( Li-Ning Turbo Charging 75) 
  • P.V. Sindhu: Li-Ning ( N9 Li-Ning) 
  • Parupalli Kashyap: Yonex ( Yonex Arcsaber 11) 
  • Sai Praneeth: Yonex (Yonex Voltric Z-Force II)


To find the best badminton rackets for yourself, it is important to consider factors like the material it’s made of, how heavy it is, balance, string tension, and grip size. If you’re just starting, you might want a light and easy-to-move racket. 

If you’re more experienced, you might be looking for a powerful and accurate racket. 

There are lots of choices available on the market so first consider these key factors and try out different rackets yourself to find the perfect one to make your game even better.


Which is the best badminton racket?

Finding the perfect badminton racket really depends on what you like and how you play. However, two of the most well-liked ones are Yonex Astrox 99 Pro and Victor Thruster F C, but the most important thing is to pick one that suits what you personally prefer when you play.

What is the best badminton rackets for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, go for a racket that’s light and easy to use. The Yonex Nanoray series is great for beginners. Rackets like Yonex Nanoray Light 18i are one of the best Badminton rackets for beginners to start their game. They help you move around easily and give you a good balance of control.

Which is the best badminton rackets brand?

Yonex is thought to be one of the best badminton racket brands everywhere. They’re known for making really good rackets that are innovative and high-quality. Yonex has rackets for all kinds of players. Other than Yonex Victor, Li-Ning, Babolat, and Carlton are also good brands.

What badminton racket is best for smash?

Rackets that are great for strong smashes usually have more weight in the head part. The Yonex Astrox series, especially rackets like the Yonex Astrox 99 Pro, are best for powerful smashes. Another good pick is the Victor Thruster F C, which is known for its power-hitting and is also a good choice if you want to focus on strong smashes in your game.


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