Top 8 Best Junior Tennis Rackets 2024 | For All-Age Kids

Best junior tennis rackets are not always expensive, but the rackets suit a child according to his age and height. I see many children coming to my tennis court with expensive but wrong-sized rackets. The exact tennis racket size varies from child to child depending upon their age, height, and hand size to grip the racket accurately. 

Before you choose a racket for your younger stars, knowing how to choose and which size is best for a child’s age is crucial. As a thumb rule, the tennis racket starts from 19 inches to 26 inches from the age of 4 years to 10 years respectively. 

Best Junior Tennis Rackets

But, your research does not stop here as we have enlisted top tennis rackets for juniors, depending upon the needs of the age, the requirement of stiffness, and the flex. 

Also, our young players tested them, and have sorted the best-performing tennis rackets in the list. But before you buy, don’t forget to know our selection criteria and the buying guide.

Sneak Peak of Best Junior Tennis Rackets

Sr #BrandMaterialAge GroupPropertiesCheck Price 
1Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26Graphite & Plastic11-12 yearSize: 26”
Grip: 4”
2Dunlop CX200 JuniorGraphite11-12 YearSize: 26”
Grip: 4 “
3HEAD Coco Junior Tennis RacketAluminum8-10 YearSize: 25”
Grip: One size
Babolat Nadal Junior (Rafa Edition) Aluminum8-10 YearSize:19”
Grip : 3 ⅝”
5WILSON US Open JuniorAlloy Steel5-6 YearSize: 19” Grip:3 ½”Amazon
6Street Tennis ClubAluminum3-5 YearSize: 17”
Grip: 4”
7WilsonMinions Junior RacketAirlite Alloy6-8 yearsSize: 23″
Grip: 4” 
8HEAD Speed JuniorAluminum6-8 YearSize: 21”
Grip: 3 ⅝“
Quick view chart

1. Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26″ – Best Junior Tennis Racket 26”


Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26” is the best junior racket for advanced players for its power, spin, and durability with minimum weight. If your kid has been playing tennis for a long time, now is the time to get him into professional-level tennis rackets.

Yes, these are made for juniors getting into pro skills after a comprehensive tennis experience. This racket is a shrunk-down version of Babolat’s most famous Pure drive range, giving the same premium features to young stars.

It combines plastic and graphite material to make a robust racket weighing 250 grams only while having a grip size of 4 inches. Our tennis coaches recommend this racket to junior competitive players and our junior players show exceptional performance with this.

  • Competitive racket
  • Advanced level power and control
  • Best for junior tennis players

  • Costly

2. Dunlop CX200 Junior Tennis Racquets – Best Budget Junior Tennis Racket 26”


Dunlop CX200 comes with premium features and a lower price tag and power than our first pick, but offers the same control and feel with a full graphite body. The head size is big and offers 100 sq area which is normal for a skilled junior player. 

You get a Robust graphite body, 26” size, and 4” grip size which is a win-win for those looking for a premium racket at a low price. 

Our junior players liked this tennis racket as it is easy to play with and quite lightweight to grip. All in all, if your child needs an advanced-level racket with premium features and you lack the budget, you can fully rely on this racket with next-level features.

  • Offers premium features on a budget
  • Fully graphite construction
  • Serves for advanced skill level

  • Offers less power

1. HEAD Coco Junior Tennis Racket – Best Junior Tennis Racquet 25”


Many children don’t start at the age of 5 or 6 years and it is perfectly alright. Not all the players start too early and as they grow, they need a big size racket with light weight and more control. 

Head Coco Junior is a beginner-level racket with an aluminum body, enough lightweight, and a size of 25 inches, quite long for a 10-year-old kid. Your child gets used to it very soon as it offers a comfortable grip and control for beginners. 

The funky pink, yellow, and green color is best suited for girls and it comes with a strap and a cover for easy transport. The best part is its availability in sizes 19, 21, 23, and 25 inches you can choose for any age group of children.

  • Economical
  • Easy to play
  • Suitable for girls

  • Not for skilled players

1. Babolat Nadal Rafa Junior – Best Junior Tennis Racket For Pro Players


Children grow and learn so fast and the same is true in the game of tennis. As your little ones start playing tennis, they get skilled and need a racket at the pro level. 

Babolat Nadal Rafa is matchless in terms of power, spin, and durability with its 19, 23, and 26-inch sizes with a variation of colors. The grip size is 3 ⅝ inches, perfect for pro-player kids. 

Aluminum composition makes the tennis racket lightweight and durable at the same time. This entry-level beginner’s racket gives Rafa’s endorsement and your kids can play pro-level games with this smart, durable, and lightweight racket.

  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Lightweight
  • Pre-strung

  • Low at the power side

1. WILSON US Open Junior 19 – Best Suited For All Kids Under 10


Wilson US Open Junior 19 is available in sizes 19, 21, 23, and 25, a racket best suited for entry-level kids/players. The racket is a favorite among all the junior players for their versatile sizes and colors while the lightweight at 180 grams optimizes durability. What sets it apart from other rockets is its lightweight Airlite Alloy material, with a 3.5-inch grip size which is perfect for smaller hands. 

The racket comes in a pre-strung form with a Wilson logo on the strings and throat while the size is printed on the edges. You can choose the racket for your kids age 10 or under. As a beginner or advanced-level player, the racket offers you USTA support, maximum durability, and playability.

  • Lightweight
  • Economical
  • Best suited for all age groups kids
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors

  • Limited power because of lightweight

1. Street Tennis Club – Best Junior Tennis Racquet 17”


This 17-inch racket comes with 4-inch grip sizes and cute colors of white and pink with a black frame and graffiti-style print. The racket is even smaller than our previous pick, a specially designed gear for younger players who are just starting the game. 

Children love big smiley faces printed on their strings, while the pink color appeals to the girls the most. Also, it weighs 200 grams only which is easy on kid’s hands and they love playing with this racket. 

The string gauges are thick and don’t break easily. Though the tennis racket size is for 3 to four-year-old kids, you can use it for your children under 8 if they are just starting out the game.

  • Lightweight
  • Small size
  • Best suited for beginners

  • A small tennis racket may not fit kids with bigger hands

1. Wilson Minions Junior Tennis Racket – Best For Kids With Medium Skills


As Wilson is a name of quality and standard, this tennis racket takes inspiration from the famous cartoon character Minions. Kids love to have this Airlite alloy tennis racket that holds the cartoon paint with diligence and integrity. 

The racket features bumper guard technology, protecting it when in contact with anything and the Quardifoam technology offers the maximum swing. My 7-year-old kid loved this racket for its yellow and blue color with the Wilson logo on strings and cartoon paint on the edges. If you want to give it as a gift to a child, choose Minions Rucksack and a pair of string dampeners and the kid will fall in love with you. I highly recommend this lightweight, pre-strung tennis racket for your child between the ages of 7-8 years.

  • Famous cartoon-inspired tennis
  • Funky colors
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Bumper Guard Technology

  • A bit fragile, and needs a protective courier

1. HEAD Speed Junior – Best Budget Junior Racket


HEAD is famous for its athletic equipment and gears for sports and this racket is an exception in terms of quality, economy, and durability. Having an aluminum composite construction and being lightweight, the head size is quite big with a forgiving area, which is best suited for beginners. 

If your children are just starting and need a larger sweet spot to avoid frustration, I will highly recommend this as my 5-year-old kid loves it. 

But, here is a catch, if you exactly follow the size guide, there may be some errors. So make sure you read our guide to size chart before placing an order. The rackets come in a variety of colors including blue, green, red, and yellow so you can choose your favorite color.

  • Lightweight
  • Big head size
  • Large sweet spot

  • Grip material gets soil too soon

How to Choose Junior Tennis Rackets

Choosing a tennis racket needs great consideration and prior knowledge of all the pros and cons of having them. Here is how we have developed selection criteria based on our experience and the top performers’ responses to a racket. 

The child’s Height and length of Racket 

All the adult rackets have the same length of 27” but you need an individual estimation before you buy a tennis racket for a junior player. Too lengthy a racket drags on the floor and too short a racket does not let a child learn the skill.

The child’s Height and length of Racket 

So as a thumb rule, measure your child’s height first and his racket should be shorter than his legs. Place a racket next to your child and ask him to extend his arm to easily touch the butt cap of the grip. If he does so easily, that’s the size he needs. 

If he can’t touch it without bending or stretching the arm, then you need to change the size. 

Junior Tennis Racket Sizing Guide

But, if you are ordering it online, look at the following chart and have a clear calculation before buying the tennis racket for your kid. 

Junior Tennis Racket Sizing Guide
Child HeightChild AgeRacket Length
40 inches or less3-6 years17-19”
40-44 inches6-8 years20-23”
45-49 inches9-10 years24-25”
50-55 inches10-12 years26”
55 inches plusYoung players26-27”
Racket Size Chart


Too heavy a tennis racket is a burden on a kid when he starts playing tennis. Lightweight rackets compromise a bit on power but provide control that helps a child learn faster. 

So choose a lightweight material racket. 

We have chosen all lightweight materials like aluminum, graphite, or aluminum alloy. These rackets have provided the best performance to our little tennis stars. 

Strength and Durability

You can’t buy a racket again and again so durability is our number one priority. All of the above chosen rackets are durable and we didn’t report any breakage while playing. So choose a racket that offers the highest strength and durability. 

Once a racket outgrows, you can use the same racket for your younger children. So one one-time investment in a durable racket pays you in the long run. 

Pre-Strung Rackets

You must choose pre-strung rackets to avoid any sort of inconvenience. The pre-strung Rackets come with their own standard stiffness required for a perfect game. So we have chosen all of the pre-strung Rackets so that you get everything you need. 

Once your children develop a skill and move to adult rackets, they can string their own rackets depending on the tension required. 


Last but not least is the budget when we choose a tennis racket. You should not spend a fortune on a racket that will outgrow your kids quite soon. 

They are quick learners and grow faster than you think. So only spend wisely and choose low-price rackets like we have mentioned in our list. 

Having one racket among these rackets can be a wise choice for you as we have clearly mentioned the age groups and requirements a racket serves. 

Tennis Strings For Junior Tennis Rackets

Playing tennis and its performance strongly depends upon the types of tennis strings but not for junior players. In the early stages, they just need to practice control. Any string can do a greater job for them and junior rackets come in pre-strung form which is good for them.  

Tennis Strings for Juniors

Knowing the tennis strings and their tension is necessary for the kids but only when they have developed a skill and reach up to the size of 26”. By that time they can better know the difference oi tennis string materials and their uses. 

Boys vs. Girls Rackets- Is there any Difference? 

Parents are too considerate for choosing a tennis racket for their boys and girls. Will girls hold the same racket? Is there any difference among both or are they unisex?

These are common questions that arise in the minds of a parent. 

Boys vs. Girls Tennis Rackets

Fortunately, there is no difference and you can choose any junior racket for your boys and the girls. Yes, girls are picky, they like cartoons and funky colors. So there are many cartoon-inspired, funky tennis rackets you can choose for your girls. As far as performance is concerned, all work the same for both genders. 

Grip Sizes For Junior Rackets

There isn’t any especially choice you can make in grip sizes as all these rackets come with the standard grip sizes. A grip adds length to a tennis racket, so the grips and rackets are designed correlatively. As a thumb rule, kids must have a grip size of 4 inches or less. Look at the following table to understand the standard grips for respective racket sizes. 

Grip Size for Junior Rackets
Tennis Length (inches)Grip Size (inches)Grip length (cm)
173 ½89
193 ½89
213 ½89
233 ⅝92
253 ⅞98
Racket Grip Size chart


The decision to buy the best junior rackets may backfire if you don’t know how to choose. Look at your child’s age, skill, his/her height, and your budget. These are the simple things to follow. For a quick decision, we Highly recommend Babolat Nadal Junior as it takes the endorsement from Nadal especially. 

But for a great budget pick, go for Head Speed Junior, and once your kid develops the skill you can move to our all-time favorite Babolat Pure Dive 26 for premium features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose a tennis racket for kids?

See your child’s age and then get the insights from the chart.

What tennis racket should I buy for a 13-year-old girl?

Children of ages 11 to 12 must use a racket of 26”. You can use a 26” or 27” racket for a 13 year girl.

What does a junior Tennis Racket mean?

In North America, a racket ranging from 17” to 26” is said to be a junior Tennis Racket which is used for children ages ranging from 3 years to 12 years.

Can adults play with junior Tennis Rackets?

No, it’s not recommended to play with a junior Tennis Racket if you are an adult player. Choosing from the best-recommended tennis rackets for adults is recommended for high performance.


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